How to get here

There are different types of reaching Boipeba, which may vary according to availability, comfort and price. Let's consider the possibilities with outputs from Salvador. If your flight arrives between 10am and 11am, there's still time to get on the same day to the island. For this, we can structure your transfer straight from the airport of Salvador to Valencia, city of the continent closer to the island, skirting the Bahia de Todos os Santos (total path 5hours). Below are the figures for hiring the service according to your need:

Salvador to Valença:

Taxi (4 people): R$ 420,00

If you want to make the journey to Valença on your own, or want to spend a night in Salvador, you need to go to the terminal of St. Joaquim and catch a ferry to Bom Despacho (R$ 5,00/ about 1h) or take a boat at the Mercado Modelo to Mar Grande (R$ 5,00/ about 45 min). Both destinations are on the island of Itaparica and the tickets are not possible to reserve upfront.

From there we can organize transport to Valença. These are the costs:

Bom Despacho or Mar Grande to Valença:

Normal car (up to 4 people): R$ 200,00

If you prefer to arrange transport yourself, you can take the bus from Bom Despacho to Valenca(R$ 20,00/ about 2hs) or try to find a car service, prices vary from R$ 80,00 to R$ 120,00 for up to 4 people. We can also arrange the transfer between the airport to your hotel in Salvador. Costs are R$ 90.00 max. From Mar Grande, you can take a van to Valença ( R $ 20,00 / about 2hs) or as in Bom Despacho, there are private cars to Valencia and the costs are about the same. ($80,00-$120,00)

Once in Valença, take the speedboat to Boipeba, (R$ 39,00 / around 1 hour), they leave every two hours from 8 am to till 16h. Likewise, we can schedule a private speed boat for your comfort, not having to depend on schedules and seat availability on the boat. The value of this service is R$350,00.